Build health and strength.
Rise with confidence.
Become the creator of your life.

Holistic wellness coaching to align with
your divine self.


Awaken your power within

You know you are meant for more. You’re ambitious and already paving your own path in life.

But you feel like you’ve hit a plateau – your motivation is dipping low, negative thoughts and patterns are holding you back.

You want to reawaken your inner glow. So your health thrives, your energy is vibrant, and you’re beaming with confidence. You want to live from your highest truth…

It’s more than a dream. Deep down you know you’re meant for this.

I’ll give you all the tools and support to awaken your inner power through mindset, nutrition and movement.

Release your past and connect
with the present moment

Access your divine self

Regain autonomy over your health and life

Feel radiantly alive

My Offerings

Hi, I am Liana and I am a Holistic
Wellness Coach
based in London.

I support ambitious women tap into their personal power so they can create a life filled with confidence, purpose, and joy.

I became a coach out of passion and desire for service. The pain from my own trauma has led me to find tools to heal and to improve my health and confidence through yoga, meditation, mindset, and nutrition.

Now, I am dedicated to helping women find their own unique formula to feel empowered, light, and healthy.

My expertise in nutrition paired with my study of yoga and spirituality will help you unlock radiant physical, mental, and spiritual health.

my story

Hi, I am here to help you rise.

Inclusive Holistic Wellness Coaching


Regain control over your thoughts and emotions. Become confident and empowered. Connect with your intuition and highest self.

Nutrition COACHING

Improve your digestion and wellbeing. Discover your unique formula to feel healthy, energized and light. Feel beautiful and radiant inside and out.


Increase your energy, motivation, and strength. Lift your mood and raise your vibration. Improve your quality of sleep and rejuvenation.

work with me

Imagine a life where you feel inspired, confident and motivated.

Together, we can awaken your divine self. The following is my promise to you:


My mission is to help you find well-being and harmony, to move you from a place of discontent and stagnation to alignment and empowerment - all with grace and ease.


You’ll get my undivided support to achieve your wellness goals step-by-step. I provide an intimate and safe container to explore the depths of who you are and make the changes needed to rise. I’ve been where you are now and this is why I am with you every step of the way.


I have done extensive healing work for myself and am continuously learning and developing my skill set. Knowledge is power and it’s important to understand why and how to make changes.


I understand what years of being unhealthy, anxious, and depressed can do to a person’s confidence. This is why I’ll help you to move through mental blocks and make healthier life-long habits. I want to give the power back to you so you can become your own healer.

work with me

Client Results

"Working with Liana has been transformational to say the least. She has helped me overcome long standing belief patterns of scarcity mindset that I inherited from my upbringing in a highly traumatized family. I used to be skeptical about manifestation at first, but after it started happening to me day in day out, I started to develop a spiritual practice that until this point in my life was such a foreign concept to me. Liana has also helped me connect with the softer and more feminine side. As a former investment banker, management consultant and now an entrepreneur I have often needed to wear a tough facade to be able to navigate my networks, but with Liana’s help I have learned how to lean into my feminine side with grace and authenticity bringing a level of vulnerability to my work that can be disarming to people. Thank you for all that you have taught me Liana Shaw!"

Carina Cunha, Founder

"Ever since I met Liana, she has added value and substance to my life. We met at our 300 yoga teacher training and began working together immediately after in an effort to grow closer towards our shared goal; enlightenment. What started as a friendship quickly evolved into a teacher/student, mentor/mentee vibe that allowed Liana access to help me to distinguish the differences in my actions and reactions in order to align them with the priorities that resonated deep beyond the surface. Working with Liana has been a pleasure filled ride of “ah-ha” moments, treasures of wisdom scattered throughout easy breezy and thought provoking conversation. Liana is warm, gentle yet fierce in her quest for betterment. She encourages me to express myself and has taught me how to unpack and evaluate before reacting."

Nicole Hart, Yoga Instructor

"Working with Liana has been an incredibly empowering and transformative experience. She has taught me how to connect with my physical and energetic body, trust in my intuition and live as my most authentic self. Liana holds a beautifully collaborative space for self discovery and personal development. What started as nutritional guidance quickly evolved into a form of coaching I didn’t know I needed. I am so grateful for her energy and the healing that she has brought into my life. Thank you Liana x"

Maria Constance, Fashion Stylist and Editor

"Liana is tapped into her dharma and the mindset of limitless abundance. She is committed to making people feel their absolute best, and has a way to make you feel like the only person in the world. She has helped me immensely on my journey, and always teaches me to view life from a different perspective. I am deeply grateful for her presence in my life."

Caitlin Hill, Content Creator